November 16, 2013

So much to do. Where do you start?

So many idea's. So much to do. 

At the end of the week do you find yourself asking, "What did 

I accomplish this week?" 

Hear yourself saying, "Oh shoot, I forgot to..."

Our creative brains can only hold and organize so much. 

I have a great tool my clients and I use.This will help you get clear and take deliberate action to live your life and run your business on purpose.

I call it the Monday Mojo and with the holidays approaching I thought you might  find this tool helpful too.

       Click Here to Download the Monday Mojo 

This is a quick and easy process and great way to start your week. Some of us do this on Sunday evening, some on Monday morning, and most of us use this process when we find ourselves feeling a bit overwhelmed or unfocused during the week. 

I'd love to hear how you use the Monday Mojo tool. Leave a comment below or over on the Facebook page (here).


Karin said...

This is so what I need right now!

Sue Simpson said...