October 30, 2013

Give yourself some space to feel...


Won't it make me weak if I cry?

I'm disappointed and I 'shouldn't' feel this way.

Won't God be mad at me for being angry about ...

I'm 'not suppose' to feel envy.

I'm afraid if I allow these feelings, I'll never quit.

Truth is -

Crying doesn't make a person weak. 

It takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable. To allow yourself to be true with you.

God already knows what we are feeling. Not saying it out loud or allowing it to surface, doesn't keep it from God.

Here's the thing -

When my clients let those feelings out in a safe and supportive place, they are able to release them.

Or there is a something under that emotion or feeling that is being masked. By allowing and leaning into the emotion they uncover the root and are able to go deeper.

This takes practice -

Debbie was upset with her husband. They'd had a tiff about something silly. She sat thinking, "how could he be so mean to me?" Taking herself out of the victim role, Debbie asked herself, "why is this really bugging me?"

This was a new process for Debbie.

Instead of analyzing or trying to fix the current situation, she gave herself the same respect and love she would one of her friends or loved ones.

 She was gentle and non judgmental with herself. Through the process she realized she was holding on to some feelings from something that happened at work earlier in the week.

Exposing the feelings gave them less power. They were no longer festering underneath the surface.

The more we engage with this process and allow ourselves to connect with our inner core, the true you, the easier it becomes.

You can't deal with something until you are aware of it. We can't become aware if we mask or cover up the truth. This often happens out of habit. It's the way we've done it for years.

We can change the habit and create a new one. One of awareness, acceptance and love.

And good news...by becoming aware of our feelings we'll start to notice even more of the good ones too.

Feelings of gratitude, laughter and love.

Go ahead and feel those feelings and give yourself some love. You're worth it!

Sue Simpson is a Self Development and Business Coach who works with women to live their personal strengths and share their purpose. Through one-on-one coaching, group programs like the popular Live Your Purpose program, Speaking and teaching Business and Life Building workshops, Sue teaches business and life balance as a way of life. 

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