Erika Savoy, Arlington Washington
I've enjoyed working with Sue's down to earth and creative approach. I like that there is no coaching jargon or mumbo jumbo, just straight talk and attainable action steps and goals that she holds me accountable week to week. I also like that she can reframe issues I'm facing in my professional life in a way that I can see the situation from a new perspective and take action on it.

As a result of working with Sue, I am becoming more accountable to myself and to others for my actions. I am also learning how to prioritize and plan my schedule for maximum performance. Knowing I have a weekly call with Sue to discuss my successes each week spurs me on to be able to have success stories each week to share.                                          Visit Erika’s website.

Angela Wales Rockett, Tacoma Washington
Have you ever needed to be around someone who truly believes in you? Who helps you to believe in yourself? Who makes you think, "huh, maybe I can do this after all."? Sue Simpson is just such a person. Not only does Sue see your gift, your power, your value – she has a way of helping you to see it too!

Even a hint of, "I don't believe in myself..." and Sue holds the space of absolute belief in you and doesn't let go until you feel it too. She doesn't just say the right things, she believes them, and her eyes mirror your best self back to you. As I've been navigating a challenging time of transition in my life and career, Sue's support has been invaluable.

Angela Wales Rockett
Artist and Intuitive/Expressive Art Instructor
Art of the Inner Self - Transforming your life, healing our world, one brushstroke at a time.™    Visit Angela’s website.   Visit Angela’s Blog.

Dannita Schacht, Sedro Woolley WA
I’ve attended Sue’s mastermind sessions and focus workshops for the last six months.

She has taught me to use the tools I have already possessed, but didn't know how to use them - my mind and my purpose. Being intentional and honest with myself has opened up new avenues of revenue and happiness. If you can trust her enough to believe she can help – then you are well on your way to success.

Diana Anderson, Mount Vernon Washington
Sue’s way of speaking on and off the podium is always the same. She is a genuine person who loves to motivate and help others move forward to be their best self!! I have had the pleasure of hearing Sue speak on several occasions. Sue has a unique way of motivating others through her words.  She is very approachable and is so easy to speak with. You want to listen as her motivation is contagious.

With just a little seed planted by Sue I had more confidence to step up and add a wonderful new option to offer my customers. I am always happy to spend time with her as I grow in some way each time I hear her speak. 

Diana is an Accessory Stylist with Premier Designs Jewelry.   See Diana on  Facebook.

Fran Fuller, Woodinville Washington
To work with Sue is an experience in meeting your true self. Sue is gifted in being able to meet you where you are, recognize your talents and will gently move you to becoming all you can be. At the same time, she will call you on your “stuff”, but always with love.

If you would like to identify your true talents and potential, and how you can best express yourself in the world, Sue will help you achieve that and the “magic” that comes with it.


Carin Weier, Marysville Washington
Words alone have little meaning. Clarity, Intention, Mindset... ok, but what does that mean and how do I do incorporate that in my life and in my business. Learning from Sue over the last 6 months, my confidence has grown tremendously. I have a clarity of what it is that I uniquely offer to not only my customers, but my team members as well. Because I know what the end result is that I am looking to achieve and how I want to feel when I get there, I am able to be intentional with my steps. I have grown in understanding my strengths, my worth and the importance of working on my mindset. And I love focusing on what could be "the best possible outcome from any given situation".

I recently sat at a networking table with a gentleman who owns his own winery. Now as a Wine Consultant for my company, I could have (and would have in the past) looked at this gentleman as a competitor and chose to move to a different table. Due to the clarity training I have learned from attending workshops with Sue Simpson, I realized we were not in competition with each other. I am now very clear on what it is that I uniquely offer not my customers, but to my team members as well. And because of that new found confidence I not only shared what it is that I personally provide at a private guided wine tasting experience, but I shared with every person I met that day how that could benefit them when they went to visit this gentleman at his local winery. 

Carin Weier | Weier Wine Tastings, Your Independent Wine Consultant
"Bringing WineShop At Home to You“      Visit Carin’s website.     See Carin on Facebook.

Lynn Hoppe, Adin California
Thank you, Sue, for the opportunity to learn more about myself through painting... Thank you for providing an awesome environment and ample materials with which to grow! Now that I'm home I hear echoes of what I learned with you whispering in my ear. The call is to authenticity, honesty, and depth...

Lynne Hoppe
Artist, Heart and Life
Visit Lynne’s website.

Frankie Sivesind, Camano Island
Since I've been working with Sue, I have overcome many difficulties in my life. I have learned to set goals. I have learned to deal with relationships. But the most important thing I've learned is I have the power to bring about what happens to me in relationships, employment, and life. The very best gift is I value myself. What matters is what I think of me not what other may think.

Working with Sue is like being with a friend. Within only five months of working together my life has changed. The changes and growth have helped me to save my grandchildren, career, and marriage. Including weight loss!

Indy Behrendt, Stanwood Washington
Working with Sue is so invigorating. I had developed some very bad habits in my way of doing business. As anyone who has ever tried to diet knows, habits must be broken and that takes determination, time and help. Sue has a gentle, yet firm, way of "coaching". In many areas of my life and specifically in my business Sue has been a Godsend. “

Indy Behrendt
Artist and Photographer
Visit Indy’s website.

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