February 03, 2014

Guest Post: President and Founder of Smart Creative Mompreneur, Charlotte Duzong

As president and founder of Smart Creative Mompreneur, Charlotte Duzong helps busy mom entrepreneurs run their home and business efficiently so they can work more productive, make more money in their business and spend quality time with their family. Click here  to learn how you can improve your organization skills.  

3 Time-saving Secrets to manage Home and Business efficiently

First of all: Thank you, Sue, for letting me share my story. This is about how one can be both a mom and a successful entrepreneur. I'm very happy to share my three best time-saving saving secrets with you all. They help me manage both my family and my business - and they really help me keep my sanity, too.

If you don't know me yet: A little something about me:
I am Charlotte Duzong, born in Aruba, living in The Netherlands with my two amazing children Kate and Spencer, my partner Jan-Willem and our dog Beaxa. I speak English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento. I am an ideas-person and I am passionate about helping moms manage their home and business efficiently. I am a recovering night owl, I thrive on supporting systems and habits and enjoy drinking pinja colada virgin in the sun :-)
Enough about me.

I am here to share how my life was when I started my home-based business about five years ago.
Wow, I thought that working from home would give me the freedom to work whenever, where ever and with whomever I want to. I thought I would have it all! Unfortunately this was just an illusion. With two kids under the age of two, I was overwhelmed, exhausted and restless all the time. Every day I was walking around with no particular goal or direction. Just juggling and hoping one day my life would be less chaotic.

But one day I committed to get organized once and for all!
I wanted to feel a sense of control over my life and have some kind of structure in my household. I wanted to be able to pursue my business dreams even if I had a busy life.
The first thing I did was search for everything that could help me organize my home quickly and easily. I read books, signed up for workshops, purchased online courses about paper-clutter, home-management, time-management and productivity.
Of all the tips, methods and systems that I've learned and implemented in my own home and life, some worked for me and some didn't.

I realized that there was NOT ONE single system or method that suited my needs as both a mom AND as an entrepreneur.

What I needed was:
·       something to keep me on course and focused so I can get things done.
·       something that would help me build a successful business from home.
·       something that was going to help me to make well use of my small windows of time I had available to me.
·       something that would allow me to run my household smoothly, have plenty of time to work in my business without feeling guilty that my house was a mess.

I collected all systems and methods that really worked for my family and put them into a card box for easy reference. This is how the step-by-step HOME & BUSINESS SYSTEM was born. This easy system helps me, and my clients, to get things done around my home and business, and have plenty of time to spend quality time with my family, and have plenty of free time to do what I love.

3 Time-saving Secrets to manage Home and Business efficiently

1) Create structure when you are struggling to get things done
Yes I said it! The S-word! The-spontaneity-creativity-killing-principle. Most people don’t like the word structure because they think it will suppress their freedom, creativity and take out all the spontaneity of their lives if they work on a schedule. Like it or not we all need some kind of structure in our lives to be able to do what we love to do. Knowing what you need to do and having an efficient plan (aka structure) to do it will make it easy for you to actually do what needs to be done.

2) Create the supporting systems and habits
From my journey of working more efficiently from home I have learned the biggest secret of having an organized life. It all comes down to having the right systems and supporting habits. Yes, that’s all! Habits are what separate the organized homes from the sloppy ones. What we do on a consistent basis and what we implement in our daily lives are what creates the lifestyle we want.

3) Make well use of your Small Windows of Time
We moms who have a home-based business are not running one, we are running two or more businesses at the same time. (Yes your family is your business too). And let's be honest: we usually don't have 8 hours non-stop-business-only-days. Our family activities and responsibilities are important to us, as well. This is why it is hugely important to learn to effectively use these 15 or 30 minute slots to get things done. Sometimes those small windows of time is all we have.

If you want more tips on how to manage your busy home and business life an in easy way, come on over to Smart Creative Mompreneur  and get your FREE e-book The 7 Time-Saving Secrets for busy moms.


How about you? Have you found balance in home and business? Please share your tips and questions with us.

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