December 27, 2013

Two Day Women's Retreat with Studio 1010

Refuel Your Focus and Ignite Your Passion Two Day Retreat.

Discover the Power of Being 
and Lift Off

There's a deep yearning within your soul that's dying to come out and Take Flight.

What is it? 

You may know yet quietly doubt is still lingering.

The unearthing and exposing of the uniqueness you hold becomes liberating. So liberating you beam and share the light without effort.

Your wings take shape. The wind begins to blow. You are ready. Yes, ready for lift off.....

Dig deep and unearth what is true for you.

Learn practical methods to live congruent to your truth.

Create a plan that will take you just outside your comfort zone and into your confidence zone. Best of all a plan that is do-able.

Dance in your own being and embrace and explore your own uniqueness.

Spend two days and one evening in a sacred place of standing in who you are with your head held high and your heart open to release the love camping within. 

Get inspired and learn how to keep aligned with that inspiration throughout the year.

Take home tools to continue the courage to Lift Off and soar.

Nourish yourself with Nia, Yoga, Creativity and Community.

Register today click here 
or call Studio 1010 at 360-293-1860

Sue Simpson is a Self Development and Business Coach who teaches business growth and life balance as a way of life. You can have your cake and eat it too. Through one-on-one coaching, group programs like the popular Live Your Purpose program, Speaking and teaching Business and Life Building workshops. Receive 12 weeks of Sue's FREE training audios, Mindset Mondays to your inbox by registering here.

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