December 11, 2013

The GREATEST thing that comes from filling your own cup 

is what you GIVE when the cup overflows.

Imagine with me if you will.....

An empty tea pot.

Beautiful cups waiting to be filled.

Now pour your pot and what do you give....emptiness, air, nothing that will benefit your guest.

This is how so many of us live our lives and run our business. We attempt to give without first filling our pot.

Now imagine that tea pot is full. So full it's overflowing. 

This is how we give with substance and matter.
My cup runneth over.

How then do we go about filling our pot so it may overflow?

1. Give to yourself. may be saying. That's selfish. NO, it is selfish to not give to yourself first.

By giving yourself love, grace, gratitude for who you are, gratitude for your wealth, your health, time to nurture your body and your soul, you are filling your pot with pure gold. As your pot begins to overflow you won't be able to help but give. And what you do give will have substance. Be authentic. From the heart and soul of who you are.

2. Receive from others.

This tends to be a hard one for many people and is so important. All too often we deflect someone's overflow.

When someone compliments you, do you receive it with a thank you or do you deflect it? When someone offers to do something for you, do you feel you owe them something in return? And how about from yourself, do you find yourself saying, "Damn I'm good at that"?

3. Give without any benefit to you.

When our cup runneth over, we give without any strings attached, not to get something in return. Shoot, when our cups runneth over giving happens so naturally that we often don't even realize we are giving.

4. Give what you would like to receive.

If you'd like to have more love in your life, give out more love. If you'd like more peace in your life, give yourself quiet time for peace. If you'd like more laughter and dancing in your life, begin laughing and dancing.

Watch and see...

Become aware.... If you've started laughing and dancing more you'll probably find more people laughing and dancing around you. 

There is a saying that if you give you shall receive. In the business world it's even coined as givers gain. Yes, these are true statements if used in the right context. Before you can give you must have something of substance to give. If not, you're just full of hot air.

As we dive deep into a season of giving, let us be of substance. Create and be from our hearts and from love. First for ourselves and then overflowing to others.

Today I received a gift from a family member who recently went through a major surgery. Here it is the holiday season and she can't talk, she's in a great amount of discomfort and pain, and she has a large amount of bruising and swelling. Within the text of her update from the doctor she ended with "remember I am a winner".

Please always remember, you too are a winner.

with love,

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