October 08, 2013

Four Ways to Increase Your Energy

In the Live Your Purpose Program we spend an entire module on increasing your energy. This is a transforming module with big a-ha's and mounds of increased energy by those who put the following practices into action. And with the beautiful fall colors surrounding us here in Washington, a gentle tug that the holidays are just around the corner is being felt, which makes this a  perfect time to share four ways to increase your energy.

Lets look at how Debbie uses the tools for the holiday season.

  1. - Clarity. 

Clarity uses your creativity. Now that's exciting! Creativity puts you in a position of being pro-active vs re-active.

Debbie takes a half hour of her day and looks at the next three months. In this case the holiday season. She asks herself the following questions:

During these next three months -

What's important to me?

How do I want to show up?

How do I want to feel?

What would I like to experience?

Come the end of December what would be the very best outcome?

Mind you, Debbie doesn't just run through these questions in her mind. She takes the time to sit with them and allow the answers to truly resonate with her. She writes them down which helps her to remember them and stay focused on what's important. Debbie also knows that writing down her goals and setting an intention has been proven to increase the benefits and outcome.

   2. Saying No and Setting Boundaries:

Debbie now knows what she can say yes to and gives herself permission to say no to the activities and events that are not in line with her clarity. This will save Debbie tons of physical as well as mental energy. By putting boundaries around her family, business/work and time, Debbie will give her full attention to the activities she is engaged in. This is not only an energy saver for Debbie but a gift to those who she is engaged with because she is present and grounded in who she is and what she has to offer. It's like offering someone a half of an ice cream cone vs a full cone. She's a full cone kinda girl.

  3. Conquering Clutter:

This includes physical clutter as well as mental clutter. Knowing that digging in deep and spending the next week, 12 hours a day clearing physical clutter isn't in her best interest for increased energy, each day Debbie removes a bag or box of clutter from her surroundings. Because of her clarity she can ask herself the question, "does this/these item(s) support my energy for this holiday season. Is this item or items something I will use within this period of time or am I holding onto them for someday?" If the answer is someday, Debbie decides to give the items to someone or a charity that can use them now.

As for the mental clutter, Debbie begins really listening to what she is saying to herself as well as to others. She eliminates words like, need -should - have to- as well as complaining. She begins to replace this language with empowering words like, I choose to -today I will -I am and instead of complaining, Debbie asks for help when needed and sets the intention to communicate clearly.

  4. Self-Care:

All too often this becomes the last thing people put into practice. When this happens it's like having an empty pitcher of water and offering your guest something to drink. There just isn't anything there to give.

Knowing how important this is to maintaining her energy, Debbie schedules time for self-care into her calendar in advance. She makes a commitment to honor herself and those she loves by following through with the appointments.

Debbie creates a list of things that bring her joy and implements at least one a week. By being pro-active in her planning, Debbie is more likely to do the things that increase her energy as opposed to mindless energy wasters.

Debbie has now set herself up for this wonderful holiday season ahead.

How about you? What's important to you during the holidays?

Sue Simpson is a Self Development and Business Coach who works with women to live their personal strengths and share their purpose. Through one-on-one coaching, group programs like the popular Live Your Purpose program, Speaking and teaching Business and Life Building workshops, Sue teaches business and life balance as a way of life. 

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