May 20, 2013

Are You Holding Back on Your Creativity?

Creativity lives and breathes in each of us. Many of us express our creativity through art: painting, writing, drawing, etc. If you are feeling stuck in your creative journey, ask yourself if any of the following three things are what is keeping you stuck.. If you're flying high and creating like a superstar, go, go, go!

Comparison: this often shows up in the form of searching the internet. Looking at all that amazing talent out there, and then comparing yourself with that talent. This will stop your creative flow right in it's tracks. Stop looking at what others are doing and start listening to yourself. Trust your own creativity. And if you are telling yourself you are "getting inspired," ask yourself if this is really true. Use the time you spend surfing for inspiration to feed your own creativity with a nap, going to bed early, spending time with family, a walk outdoors, one of things on your "I wish I did" list.

Perfectionism: Do it and do it imperfectly. This is the best way to learn to do it better. Move forward and honor your creativity. If a Mother gave her child an ice cream cone and the child didn't want it because the cone was bent or the scoop not round enough, would that mother be excited to give the child another ice cream cone the next time they were at the ice cream shop? Probably not. Let's say the child got really excited about that ice cream cone, imperfections and all. The next time Mom and Child passed the ice cream shop I bet Mom would be thrilled to buy her child another cone. In other words, if you're always disappointed in our art, writing, in your creativity because it's not perfect, why would your creativity want to come out to play?

Doing what 'should' be done: There are SO many "shoulds". I have a friend who has a sign above her kitchen sink that says "though shall not should themselves". I have to agree. When you're growing up, you go to school, you get married. After you get married, you have children. Somewhere in there you buy a house. These are often categorized as 'normal'. To hell with normal. You are not normal and thank you for that. You are an amazing original. You are a creative being. When your creativity wants to play outside the box, do it. Engage in the power of play.

Speaking of Creativity and the Power of Play, how does your creativity live and breathe?
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Sue Simpson is a Self Development and Business Coach who works with women to live their personal strengths and share their purpose. Through one-on-one coaching, group programs like the popular Live Your Purpose program, Speaking and teaching Business and Life Building workshops, Sue teaches business and life balance as a way of life. 

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