April 04, 2013

Is This Keeping You Stuck and Spinning In Circles

All too often, we carry around with us indecision, and indecision causes suffering.

Should I or shouldn't I? Here's the deal - make a decision and move forward.

Indecision keeps us stuck. Keeps us spinning in circles. 

I"ll be honest here, making decisions when it comes to my online presence can drive me nuts. And truthfully, it drives my family nuts too.

It is the main reason I'm stuck in website development world. Truth is, if I'd just make a decision we'd move forward to success. My life doesn't count on this decision. I'll still be around kicking and screaming when it's time to tweak and grow. 

For some of us it's those small decisions that keep us stuck where we are instead of taking us to where we want to go. 

Today, I give you the permission (three fingers pointed back at myself) to make decisions. And to make them quickly and with confidence. 

And here's the big a-ha...When you don't make a decision. You are making a decision. The decision to stay exactly where you are.

So lets do this together. Lets start living and stop standing still.

There's plenty more decisions to be made in life and work ahead so we might as well engage and grow.

Funny thing is...it's usually those small little choices that keep us from living to our fullest. 

How about you? Is there a decision you need to make?


Sue Simpson is a Self Development and Business Coach who works with women to live their personal strengths and share their purpose. Through one-on-one coaching, group programs like the popular Live Your Purpose program, Speaking and teaching Business and Life Building workshops, Sue teaches business and life balance as a way of life. 


lynne h said...

What do you think of Stand In Your Power with Sue Simpson as a website name?

i've been pondering this... i like 'stand in your power', but it seems contradictory to put someone else's name beside those words. does that make sense? if we're standing in our power we're standing in it by ourselves...

of course i'll stand in my power beside you any day. : )


Sue Simpson said...

lynne, How did I miss this comment? Yes, oh so well put.

I too would stand with you at anytime.

with love and a smile...