March 03, 2013

Increase Your Creativity and Zest For Life

Begin by asking yourself  this one question.

What is my Why?

Why ask why, you ask.

Your why is what  touches your heart and soul.

When creating a vision for your life, you'll want to know your why.

When making decisions about your next step, you'll want to know your why.

When saying yes or no to something, you guessed'll want to know your why.

Your why feeds you in good times and in bad times. There's no stopping the bad days from showing up but knowing your why makes them not so bad.

The potential for greatness lives in each one of us. Knowing your why will guide you to live your greatness.

What is your why?

Leave a comment or email me...I'd love to know your why.

Now Available...
I have a few personal coaching spots available if you are ready to step up and step out. Whether you own your own business or are looking to live your best life.

I've watched my clients become true to their selves. 

Get clear 
on what is real for them.

Create amazing relationships.

Make more money in their business and find not only success but fulfillment while being authentic. 

What's my why? To reach out and share the things I've learned ~TBF. To share what others have taught me.

To support and empower women to get clear to take deliberate action for success and fulfillment.

To schedule a Complimentary Call to see if Coaching is right for you.
  Call  425-446-9861

Great Leaders Surround Themselves with Support and Accountability. 


lynne h said...

wow! videos!!

yes, 'why?'. that's the question to answer...

can you see me smiling? : )


Sue Simpson said...

Yes I can...and it fills my heart with joy. xoxo